Rip the DVD using DVD Decrypter.

1. Start

Put the DVD you want to convert into your DVD-ROM drive and start DVD Decrypter. The disc should eventually be recognized and you should get a screen like the one below. Notice DVD Decrypter automatically picks the longest program which is usually the movie. If you don't have enough free space on your C: drive, you can change the destination by clicking the little yellow folder icon and choosing a new destination.)

Rip the DVD using DVD Decrypter

2. IFO Mode

Make sure you are in IFO mode by pressing "i" or checking under the Mode menu.

Rip the DVD using DVD Decrypter

3. Stream Processing

Go to the Stream Processing tab and select Enable Stream Processing.

Rip the DVD using DVD Decrypter

Note: You might have other video and audio options on your DVD. This screen is where you pick which audio and video track you want. Usually the default is a good choice but if you end up with the wrong video or audio channel (such as the director's commentary or a foreign language) experiment with other selections in this window.

4. No File Splitting

We need to make sure we end up with one big file containing the entire movie. Go to Tools -> Settings and click on the IFO Mode tab. Set "Flie Splitting" to none and hit OK.

Rip the DVD using DVD Decrypter

5. Let it Rip

Click the "DVD to Hard Drive" Rip button and wait for it to finish. When you are done you will hopefully have one big file ending in ".VOB" wherever "Destination" is set. (above the rip button)

Rip the DVD using DVD Decrypter

Keep in mind, ripping is fairly hard on DVD drives. If your rip seems to get stuck, try using another computer with a newer DVD drive. Also, scratched or dirty DVDs don't rip well and also cause the DVD drive to constantly re-read parts of the disk wearing the drive out. Be aware of that as you rip. Newer drives and perfect DVDs make great rips.