How to put/download DVD onto iPhone with Aimersoft DVD to iPhone Converter!

This guide is dedicated to help you transfer DVD movies onto iPhone, put videos on to your iPhone using the fastest, easiest solution on Windows

The application can easily import a DVD onto an iPhone, supports ripping DVD to both video (MP4, H.264) and audio (AAC, MP3, M4a). It also has strong video editing function like trimming, cropping, applying effects. You can download the iPhone video conversion tool for making videos/movies for your iPhone, iPod and Apple TV.

FAQs about put DVD movie and video onto my iPhone

1. How long does it take to typically load a movie?

It is able to help the user get perfect iPhone video with quite fast speed. It only costs 39 minutes to rip a 2-hour-DVD. Certainly, the speed also depends on the original DVD disc, video file and your system configuration.

2. Does the software rip audio?

As we know, iPhone can support M4A, MP3 and AAC audio, if you want to rip audio from DVD to iPhone, just select the right format you prefer, such as 'MP3 - MPEG Layer-3 Audio (*.mp3)'.

Step by step convert DVD to iPhone

1. Download iPhone converter suite for Windows, install and run.

Hints: This software is able to convert DVD in resolution from 320*240 up to 1280*720. So use one softare, you can import DVD movie onto iPhone, Apple TV and video iPod.

2. Load your DVD into the software

Please click on the 'Load DVD' button in the main interface, then select your DVD-ROM in the pop-up window and press the 'OK' button. You also can hit 'Load File' button to import IFO file from your computer's hard disk.

How to convert DVD to iPhone with aimersoft dvd to iphone Converter

3. Set the part you'd like to put onto your iPhone

Rip your whole DVD by highlighting the title which contains the whole episodes of DVD, such as the title 01 in the following screenshot.

Hints: To rip your DVD into one file, you can just check the 'Merge into one file' option next to the DVD audio selection option, and the converted files will be converted into a single file.Choose certain chapters to convert: Press the little button before 'Check All'; on the interface to find all the chapters in the file.

How to convert DVD to iPhone with aimersoft dvd to iphone Converter

Hints: How do I convert a clip from my movie? You can capture and convert a clip from your movie by the 'Trim Movie' feature of our program. Click the 'Trim' icon and set the start time and end time of the clip you want to convert. Or you can just select a title or just a few chapters in your DVD to convert.

4. Select the target format, subtitle and language

Format: Click the 'Format'; combo-box on the interface, the result of setting will be shown on the list.

Hints: The tool supports both H.264 and MPEG-4. H.264 takes longer time to convert DVD, but provides better quality and small file size.

How to convert DVD to iPhone with aimersoft dvd to iphone Converter

Subtitle: Regular DVD movie usually has several subtitles, like English, French, German, etc. You can select anyone according to your need. You can also select 'No Subtitle';

Audio: Select Audio it the same as select Subtitle.

Hints: How do I get rid of the black edges around my movie? You can cut off the black edges around your movie video by the 'Crop Video' feature of our program. Click the 'Crop' icon and crop your movie video using the provided methods in the crop window.

4. Final, press 'Start' and begin to rip the DVD. After the job is done, transfer the result video onto iPhone via iTunes.