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July 9th, 2007 by iPhone News Team

Many new iPhone owners are searching far and wide for some sort of protection policy for their new baby, *just in case*. Apparently the iPhone is not eligible for insurance through AT&T’s insurance providers; not surprising. A plausible option would be for one to add the iPhone onto your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Here are two other viable options to protect your Apple iPhone. Note: iPhoneNews.ca is not affiliated with Apple Inc of SquareTrade and we are not necessarily endorsing either option, just “putting it out there”.

Option 1: An AppleCare Warranty from Apple.

Apple Inc will be offering an AppleCare extended warranty for the iPhone in July. The iPhone AppleCare plan will essentially extend the regular 90 day warranty for an additional year. Cost? Around $70. This iPhone warranty plan is both simple and safe, but it won’t cover any accidental “incidents” involving your iPhone. That means you are on your own for any problems that are not manufacturers defects or simple software glitches; so no replacement if you drop your iPhone while getting onto the subway.

Option 2: A SquareTrade CarePlan.

SquareTrade has been in business since 1999. Their warranties are financially backed by an A rated insurer and they are the leading provider of extended warranties on eBay. SquareTrade also has an online management system for you to manage your warranty.

They have a new basic CarePlan for the iPhone. Cost? 10% of item price, so $49.99 - $59.99 depending on which iPhone you have purchased from Apple. The coverage is equivalent to what you get with the AppleCare warranty. They say that if something does happen to your iPhone, they will either fix it, or pay you the full $499-$599 replacement value for the iPhone. SquareTrade also guarantees that replacements/repairs will be conducted within 5 days.

SquareTrade will also be providing an enhanced CarePlan with accidental damage coverage (something that an AppleCare warranty doesn’t offer) in the near future. This WILL cover you if you drop your iPhone. You can check their website in the coming weeks to purchase this plan.

Note: Neither of these coverage plans will cover losing the iPhone, so keep your eyes on it at all times - Not that you wouldn’t be doing that anyways!Please Visit this article’s sponsor: Free Search Engine Optimization Web DirectoryTechnorati Tags: iPhone, iPhone Insurance, Apple Care, SquareTrade, Apple iPhone

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