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The ultimate movie converter for your mobile device! Watch your movies anytime, anywhere. Mobile video players: the good thing is one can take them wherever one wants to. The bad thing is one can hardly buy any videos. And if so these are inexplicably expensive, like e.g. UMD-videos for Sony's Playstation Portable.
Vista Ready!The solution: Create your mobile video clips yourself. With 5star Mobile Video, the ultimate video converter for mobile devices, you can compress DVD-videos and video files of different formats to the size that ideally suits your device. All you need to watch your favourite movies anytime and anywhere is source material, 5star Mobile Video and the strong determination to make a few mouse clicks.

Purchase The ultimate movie converter for your mobile device! Watch your movies anytime, anywhere.  $39.9 Download The ultimate movie converter for your mobile device! Watch your movies anytime, anywhere.

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popular features

* New: Sony tested 5star Mobile Video to be 100% compatible to play station PSP. This makes 5star Mobile Video absolutely compatible to the Sony memory stick video format.
* Extensive compatibility: nearly any video formats can be converted, even if the system does not run a suitable codec. This includes for instance XviD, DivX, Nero Digital, High Definition Video Material (as .mpeg or .ts files), High Definition Video (HDV), AVCHD, wmv, 3gp or Flash-Video-files (.flv)
* Easy "crop marks" support! Just set the beginning and end before you convert and cut the credits to save your memory!
* Auto-RIP: 5star Mobile Video automatically detects the correct format of your videos, e.g. full screen (4:3) or wide-screen or any other wide-screen format and adjusts it - whether with or without adaptive display adjustment.
* Stretch Borders or Adaptive Display Adjustment: This allows using the full display size of basically any device without changing the aspect ratio and the resulting distortions. No more black borders or eggheads but instead full size videos even in case of wide-screen or 4:3 TV-films.
* Innate support for PAL and NTSC.
* "Fit to" technology that automatically converts movies so they fit onto a memory card. Only have small memory cards? Not a problem, just split the movie onto multiple cards!
* Predefined video quality settings of Low, Medium and High, with all settings fully customizable.
* Excellent video quality, using 2-pass video encoding!
* Support for Apple iPod, Playstation PSP, Zune and 3GPP2 video "Meta Information."

support the following products:

Apple iPod Playstation PSP Microsoft ZUNE Nintendo Wii !!! PocketPC compatible devices like Samsung Yh-999, iRiver PMC-120, iRiver U10, Archos GMINI 402 MTP 16:9 Windows Mobile compatible player like Maxfield MAX-PMP 20 Nintendo* DS / GameBoy Advanced (SD Video) Handys (3GPP/3GPP2/MP4 kompatible Ger?te) TomTom* Mobile Navigator for the models GO, GO Classic, GO 300, GO 500, GO 700, One, Rider, 510, 710, 910 iRiver PMP 120/140 iRiver H320/340 Cliod CP2210 Epson P-2000/P-4000 Cyberdrive Navigator NMD 43 & 45 PALM* Zire PALM* Treo PALM* Tungsten Creative ZEN Centrix MVP-120 Archos DVR-AV 500/700 Archos PMA 400 Archos AV 340/380/420 Archos GMINI Tibo Mobile Navigator iAudio X5 GPX2

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